build geany in ubuntu

To install the latest version of Geany, you will need to download the soure package and build it yourself, as the version on ubuntu 18 is a bit is the steps I took to compile it.

untar the source package and cd into it

it throws up errors of missing dependencies without installing some packages.

specifically, you need to install intltoo,l pkg-config, libgtk2.0-dev, and build-essential

sudo apt install intltool pkg-config libgtk2.0-dev build-essential

afterwards, run

why does the routing rule along with cover all IPV4 internet addresses

when I encountered these two routing entries defined by OpenVPN, I was puzzled as to its exact meaning. I understand that they are placed there to override the default entry because they are more specific. the more explicit a routing entry is the higher its priority. I also know that whether a destination IP address matches a routing entry is determined by the result of its bitwise AND operation with the subnet mask specified in the routing entry. If the result is equal with the network address, the entry will take care of its routing for it.

Unable to access network in Openvpn Server after establishing a successful VPN connection to it

Here in China, we are not getting public IPV4 addresses from internet providers any more since they are running out of them. So I will need a workaround to access home network from outside, and it occurred to me that an Openvpn client connecting to a forward server might help solve the problem.After much tinkering with various options, I connected successfully to the Openvpn server in my office, which has an assigned internet-facing IP address. But I cannot ping any devices connecting to my office's router, not to mention streaming video or downloading files.

Enable php module for Apache2 on high sierra

It is doubtless a chore to install and configure all necessary software after an OS reinstall or switching to a new computer,especially when you need to set up a web environment for development. Yet it is an opportunity to acquaint oneself with the basic configuration of various web server components.  I'd make a point of noting down the procedure of enabing the php module for apache2.